Four Story Little Fugues (2022)

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Composer:Bordes, Dan (1975 - ), Mexican-American
Instruments:Pianoforte/Computer Music
Submitter:Bordes, Dan
Email:luxxoduux (e-mail)
I- Salon fuga dedicated to Prince Gesualdo
(Facsimile of Canzone Francese del Principe)
Gesualdo ix said to have murdered his beloved
wife & lover due to an unfaithfulness affair
& his works before & after the murder have influenced
content in them constantly of the murders themselves
& his ecclesiastical remorse leading to himself
being murdered years later after his musical
II- Fuga of German magician Faustus
Probably the only warning in selling your soul
to the Devil lies in the outcome of "La humana disturbia"
from those human counterparts dat wish to assume
collection of certain debts & weakness exploits.
III- Fuga les disciplines classiques nuexus
However very short fugatta it veers musc into the
classic feel of the contrapunctux.
IIII- Baron Orlox of Pales(trina) fugatta
The 16 murders of Dracula known as Vlad III
or Vlad the Impaler from Transylvania or
Styria not very clearly concluded historically.
In reality was said to be a brutal massacre
in European lore & Orlox was said to be one
of his most powerful allies residing in some
lofty quarters of his castle.
The Neofugas are more towards the original art but
however free in every other manner & they tell
an overall fragmental tale in their title to the
music & text in the score annexed to dark lore
of course as it were.