The Music Of The Spheres (T.M.O.T.S.) (2023)

bordes_mots.nwcFebruary 20235.21 kB00:07:38
Composer:Bordes, Dan (1975 - ), Mexican-American
Instruments:Computer Music
Submitter:Bordes, Dan
Email:luxxoduux (e-mail)
Use merlin_gmv32(v3.2) Soundfont, very important!
Beware this file causes a psycho-acoustic head-effect not anything to worry about but its nature induces a certain cognitive-immersive reaction that lasts for a certain time upon the listerner i consider positive but it's imotiveness might prove negative to people who are extremely intolerant to top secret-like criteria of any sort even though it's not top secret but based on the work of none other than Pythagoras and his musical lore.