Rain on Time, 2000

boxrain.nwcNovember 20051.39 kB00:01:00
Composer:Boxman, Raymond L. (1946 - ),Israeli
First Line:Vi-na-ta-ti mi-tar artz-chem bi-ee-to, yo-reh u-mal-kosh, vi-ah-saf-tah di-ga-ne-cha vi-tir-shi-cha vi-yitz-ha-re-chah
Instruments:Violin, Viola, Cello
Submitter:Boxman, R L
Email:boxman (e-mail)
Text, in Hebrew, from Deuteronomy XI:14-15.
In Jewish liturgy, part of the text following the “Shemah Yisrael” proclamation of faith, recited morning and night. Composer’s translation:
I will give the rain of your land in its season, the first-rain and the concluding-rain, and you will harvest your grain and your wine and your oil. I will give grass in your fields for your cattle; you will eat and be satiated.