Images de la Belgariade (2004)

bravbelg.zipOctober 200420.25 kB00:16:06
  • I Le Val d'Aldur - Belgarath00:05:37
  • II La Ferme de Faldor00:03:32
  • III Ce'Nedra à Riva00:03:24
  • IV Sire Mandorallen00:03:33
Composer:Bravo, Jean-Michel (1969 - ), French
Instruments:string orchestra + oboe solo
Submitter:Bravo, Jean-Michel
Email:jmbravo (e-mail)
Titles in French
Uses boxmarks.ttf and crescendo.tff
belg1 1st Movt. Aldur's Vale - Belgarath the Sorcerer
belg2 2nd Movt. Faldor's Farm
belg3 3rd Movt. Ce'Nedra at Riva
belg4 4th Movt. Sire Mandorellen
Based on the "Belgariad" written by David Eddings
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