Cantata BWV 143 02 Du Frie-de-fürst

bwv143.nwcApril 20082.84 kB00:02:12
Composer:Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750), German
Lyricist:Jakob Ebert 1601
First Line:Du Friedefüst, Herr Jesu Christ
Genre:Sacred cantata, Lutheran
Instruments:Violino solo, B.C; and Soprano solo
Submitter:Forestier, Yann
Email:yannforestier (e-mail)
Ziptitle:Cantata BWV 143 Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele
Cantata BWv 143 is usually classified as a "spurious" (uncertain
attribution) work. This delightful little chorale, though, keeps us at bay
when it come to deciding if this work really was written by Bach. A very
pleasant work for any soprano to discover Baroque music!