Cantata BWV 190 "Singet den Herrn ein neues Lied" (Movement 6)

bwv190_6.nwcOctober 20092.01 kB00:01:07
Composer:Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750), German
First Line:Nun, Jesu gebe
Genre:Lutheran, Sacred
Instruments:Tenor voice, string quartet and B.C.
Submitter:Forestier, Yann
Email:yannforestier (e-mail)
Ziptitle:Cantata BWV 190 Singet den Herrn ein neues Lied - All Movements
This second recitative is a little bit more elaborate than the first one for bass, with string accompaniament. You might want to transpose down the sequence a half step in order to reach that very unusual (for a tenor in Bach's cantatas) B natural.