Mass in B minor (BWV 232) (20)

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Composer:Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750), German
Lyricist:Liturgical (The ritual for public worship in churches which use writtenforms.)
First Line:No. 20 - Sanctus dominus Deus Sabaoth (Holy, Lord God of Sabaoth)
Instruments:Orchestra, Chorus & Solo
Submitter:Mill, Carl B
Email:TheAppraisalMill (e-mail)
Ziptitle:Mass in B minor (BWV 232)
Composed in Leipzig, 1747-1749; Mostly assembled from previous materials
from 1724 onwards.1st performance of Sanctus- December 25, 1725 - Leipzig; 2nd
performance of Sanctus- 1726-1727 - Leipzig; 3rd performance of Sanctus -
1743-1748 - Leipzig; 1st performance of Kyrie & Gloria (Mvts. 1-11)- July27, 1733
- Dresden; Performance of Symbolum Nicenum and Osanna, Benedictus,Agnus Die
& Dona nobis pacem - 1748- 1749 - Leipzig.
Requires Mus6Med, NWCV15 & NWslur fonts.Running time 17.22
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