Christmas Oratorio [Weihnachtsoratorium] (BWV 248), 1734

bwv248.zipAugust 2006195.09 kB02:27:33
  • 01: Christians, be joyful00:08:02
  • 02: 03: Now it ... See now00:01:51
  • 04: Prepare thyself, Zion00:05:02
  • 05: How shall I fitly meet Thee?00:01:08
  • 06: And sh brought forth ...00:00:19
  • 07: For us to earth He cometh poor00:03:05
  • 08: Mighty Lord & King all glorious00:04:31
  • 09: Ah! Dearest Jesus00:01:01
  • 10: Symphony00:06:18
  • 11: And there were shepherds00:00:44
  • 12: Break forth, O beauteous light00:01:06
  • 13: And the angel said to them00:00:41
  • 14: What God to Abraham revealed00:00:39
  • 15: Haste, ye shepherds00:04:17
  • 16: And this is the sign to you00:00:17
  • 17: Within yon gloomy manger00:00:33
  • 18: O haste ye then00:01:01
  • 19: Slumber, Beloved00:10:10
  • 20: And suddenly - with the angel00:00:17
  • 21: Glory to God in the highest00:02:37
  • 22: 'Tis right that Angels thus should sing00:00:26
  • 23: With all Thy hosts00:01:04
  • 24: Hear00:01:43
  • 25: And when the Angels00:00:11
  • 26: let us .. now go to Bethlehem00:00:50
  • 27: He bids us comfort take00:00:34
  • 28: The Lord ... wonders wrought00:00:45
  • 29: Lord, Thy mercy00:10:31
  • 30: And they came with haste00:01:05
  • 31: Keep, O my spirit00:03:15
  • 32: Yes, yes, my heart00:00:22
  • 33: Thee with tender care00:00:43
  • 34: And the shepherds returned00:00:26
  • 35: Rejoice. and sing00:00:40
  • 36: Come and thank Him00:05:20
  • 37: And when the eight days ...00:00:31
  • 38: Immanuel, beloved name00:02:07
  • 39: Ah! My Saviour00:06:18
  • 40: 'Tis well! Thy name, O Lord00:01:35
  • 41: 'Tis Thee I would be praising00:05:35
  • 42: Jesus, who didst ever guide me00:02:02
  • 43: Glory be to God00:06:46
  • 44: 45: Now when .. / Where is ..?00:01:59
  • 46: All darkness flies00:00:43
  • 47: O Lord, my darken'd heart ..00:04:23
  • 48: 49: 50: Herod/Fear/Gathering00:02:06
  • 51: Ah! When shall we see salvation?00:06:32
  • 52: My Lord is King alone00:00:22
  • 53: This proud heart00:00:41
  • 54: Lord, when our haughty foes ..00:05:03
  • 55: Then Herod called the wise men00:00:48
  • 56: Thou Traitor00:00:48
  • 57: Nought against the power00:04:12
  • 58: And they, when they had heard00:01:10
  • 59: Beside Thy cradle here I stand00:00:50
  • 60: 61: And being warned/Depart!00:01:56
  • 62: Ye foes of Man00:05:49
  • 63: O'er us no more shall fears ..00:00:41
  • 64: Now vengeance hath been taken00:03:28
Composer:Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750), German
First Line:N/A
Genre:Classical Oratorio
Instruments:arranged for SATB (piccolo, clarinet, French horn, bassoon) and piano (converted to strings etc)
Submitter:Hooper, John
Email:john (e-mail)
This ZIP File contains the following NAMED sections:-
Part I:
01-JOYFL.NWC Christians, be joyful
02-3-now.nwc Now it came to pass
04-prepr.nwc See now the bridegroom
05-fitly.nwc Prepare thyself, Zion
............ How shall I fitly meet Thee
06-andsh.nwc And she brought forth her first-born Son
07-poor.nwc For us to earth He cometh poor
08-might.nwc Mighty Lord and King all glorious
09-jesus.nwc Ah! dearest Jesus
Part II:
10-symph.nwc Symphony
11-sheps.nwc And there were shepherds
12-break.nwc Break forth, O beauteous, heavenly light
13-angel.nwc And the Angel said
14-what.nwc What God to Abraham revealed
15-haste.nwc Haste, ye shepherds
16-sign.nwc And this is the sign to you
17-gloom.nwc Within yon gloomy manger
18-haste.nwc O haste ye then
19-slumb.nwc Slumber, beloved
20-angel.nwc And suddenly
21-glory.nwc Glory to God in the highest
22-right.nwc 'Tis right that Angels thus should sing
23-hosts.nwc With all Thy hosts
Part III:
24-hear.nwc Hear, King of Angels
25-angel.nwc And when the Angels
26-BETH.NWC Let us even now go to Bethlehem
27-hebid.nwc He bids us comfort take
28-lord.nwc The Lord hath all these wonders wrought
29-lord.nwc Lord, Thy mercy
30-haste.nwc And they came with haste
31-keep.nwc Keep, O my spirit
32-heart.nwc Yes, yes, my heart
33-thee.nwc Thee with tender care
34-retrn.nwc And the shepherds returned
35-rejoi.nwc Rejoice, and sing
Part IV:
36-come.nwc Come and thank Him
37-eight.nwc And when eight days were fulfilled
38-imman.nwc Immanuel, beloved name
39-savir.nwc Ah! my Saviour
40-well.nwc 'Tis well, Thy name, O Lord
41-prais.nwc 'Tis Thee I would be praising
42-jesus.nwc Jesus, who didst ever guide me
Part V:
43-GLORY.NWC Glory be to God
44-5king.nwc Now when Jesus was born
............ Where is the new-born King?
46-alldk.nwc All darkness flies
47-heart.nwc O Lord, my darken'd heart enlighten
48-50herod.nwc And when Herod the King
.............. With fear why are you taken
.............. And gathering together
51-salva.nwc Ah! when shall we see salvation
52-king.nwc My Lord is King alone
53-heart.nwc This proud heart
Part VI:
54-FOES.NWC Lord, when our haughty foes
55-herod.nwc Then Herod called the wise men
56-trait.nwc Thou traitor
57-nought.nwc Nought against the power
58-heard.nwc And they, when they had heard
59-besid.nwc Beside Thy cradle
60-1warn.nwc And being warned of God
............ Depart! enough
62-foes.nwc Ye foes of man
63-fears.nwc O'er us no more shall fears of hell
64-venge.nwc Now vengeance has been taken
There are no text/lyrics; these Files were generated purely for Choral Rehearsing purposes (using a published piano-reduction Score), and so don't look pretty even though they should sound reasonable (though that depends very much on your hardware/software; mine is a Soundblaster AWE64 Gold). Voice-emphasised Midi Files of the whole work can be downloaded for free from my Website (above).
The Site also contains Midi Files for several rather more modern Composers, for which NWC versions may be available.