Prelude and Fugue in C For Orchestra (2005)

bwv547.nwcMarch 200623.27 kB00:09:25
Composer:Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750), German
Instruments:piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets in Bb,Bass Clarinet in Bb, 2 bassoons, contrabassoon, 4 French horns in F, 3trumpets in Bb, 2 tenor trombones, bass-trombone, tuba, timpani, cymbals, and strings.
Submitter:Karageanes, Jim
Email:Doctor_Zorba (e-mail)
Arranger:Karageanes, James - U.S. (1943-)
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This is an arrangement for standard symphony orchestra of JS Bach's Preludium and Fuga for Organ, Bwv.547, originally composed late in the master's life in Leipzig.Individual parts are not technically difficult (musically, yes!, of course) and the work is playable by any reasonably competent ensemble, including I trust many high school or community orchestras.The fugue is in five sections.The third section inverts the subject.The fourth, combines both the normal and inverted subjects in stretto.The final section is extended (about 1/3 of the fugue).In this arrangement, the fourth section features antiphonal strettos in the winds which then join the augmented subject in the basses for the conclusion.Note that thebasses (pedals) do not appear until the final section of the fugue. (Big cymbal crash announces their arrival!)
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