'O surdato 'nnamurato (The soldier in love)

cann_surdata.nwcJanuary 20233.92 kB00:03:16
Composer:Cannio, Enrico (1874 - 1949), Italian
Lyricist:Califano, Aniello (1870-1919), italian
First Line:Staje luntana da stu core
Genre:Neapolitan song
Instruments:violin, piano
Submitter:Prada, Lorenzo
Email:lawrroc51 (e-mail)
User Objects:MPC (volume), melismatic.nw, Xtext.hmm
It is a Neapolitan "author's" song and lyric. The text tells of
the soldier's nostalgia at the front for his beloved with very poetic and
moving words. I also wanted to include the English translation to share the
text with friends of the forum.