I te vurria vasà

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Composer:Capua Di, Edoardo ( 1864 - 1917), Italian
Lyricist:Russo, Vincenzo (1876-1904), Italian
First Line:Ah, che bell'aria fresca...
Genre:neapolitaner song
Instruments:Acoustic Grand Piano
Submitter:Prada, Lorenzo
Email:lawrroc51 (e-mail)
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The song originates from the unhappy love of the author Vincenzo Russo, a modest shoemaker, for Enrichetta Marchese. The union between the penniless poet and her girlfriend, daughter of a jeweler, was strongly opposed by her family, despite Russo's love being reciprocated. The verses, composed at the end of 1899 by Russo, were set to music between 1 and 2 January 1900 by Eduardo di Capua, famous author of 'O sole mio, as well as Russo's friend.