Core 'ngrato

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Composer:Cardillo, Salvatore (1874 - 1947), Italian
Lyricist:Riccardo Cordiferro, pseudonym of Alessandro Sisca (1875-1940), italian
First Line:Catarì, Catarì, pecché me dici ste parole amare...
Genre:Neapolitan song
Instruments:Acoustic Grand Piano
Submitter:Prada, Lorenzo
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The story of Core 'ngrato began in 1911 in New York. It is here that Riccardo Cordiferro, pseudonym of the Calabrian journalist of Neapolitan origins Alessandro Sisca, and Salvatore Cardillo, a Neapolitan maestro who worked overseas as an orchestra director, composed it. Salvatore Cardillo was always annoyed by the resounding success of the song which he considered "a filth". On the other hand, Enrico Caruso was of a completely different opinion, who was so passionate about it that he chose it for his first engravings. His tormented relationship with Ada Giachetti is believed to also date the birth of the song. The interpretations of Enrico Caruso and, later, of Beniamino Gigli, made Core 'ngrato a must for all the greatest tenors.