Carnival Of Venice, Cornet Solo With Variations (1912)

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Composer:Clarke, Herbert Lincoln (1867-1945), American
Genre:Band music
Instruments:Cornet in Bb, Piano
Submitter:Karageanes, Jim
Email:Doctor_Zorba0902 (e-mail)
September, 2007, celebrates the 140th birthday of America's great cornet-player/composer, Herbert L. Clarke.
From where one may also download a .pdf copy of Clarke's autobiographical sketches:
Herbert L. Clarke (1867 - 1945) was a legend in his own time. He is easily the best known cornetist of all times.
From his meager beginnings of practicing on an old Ophicleide and joining the Queen's Own Rifle Regimental Band in Toronto
just so he could have a cornet (a Courtois) he could call his own to practice, one would never suspect such a career lay ahead of him.
Herbert L. Clarke traveled over 800,000 miles with such musical organizations as Gilmore's Band, Innes' Band, Victor Herbert's Band, John
Philip Sousa' Band, and many under his direction. He performed over 6,000 cornet solos including 473 in one season. Clarke made 34 tours visiting 14 different countries.