congofe.nwcJuly 20161.54 kB00:00:55
Composer:Traditional French
Genre:Ethnic & Folk Music
Instruments:arranged for Anglo Concertina
Submitter:Gray, Simon
Email:bakers.barrel (e-mail)
Arranger:Alan Day 2004, Simon Gray 2016
Based on an arrangement from Alan Day’s copyright free online concertina tutorial. This noteworthy file has been created to demonstrate the left-hand chord fingering, showing bellows pulls [in green & with accents].
Notes to player on how to add variety:
Observing the rests in the left-hand produces a clean crisp arrangement.
Ignoring the rests adds more colour to the accompaniment for a fuller sound. [See bars 6 and 11]
At the end of bar 12 try holding all three notes down for the full crotchet length to add variety and also to save the use of the air button to open the bellows.
On the repeat at the same place try using buttons 2,3,4,5 together in the left-hand as above.
In the last bar (bar 20), to finish the piece try making all note lengths equal to a crotchet, and play all notes together.