Domn, Domn, Sanaltam

cucudomn.nwcAugust 20131.37 kB00:01:06
Composer:Cucu, Gheorghe (1882-1932), Romanian
First Line:Am plecat sã colindãm, Domn, Domn sãnãltãm
Genre:Christmas Carol (Romanian)
Submitter:Edwards, Mike
Email:mike (e-mail)
In order to display the words correctly, you'll need the Xserif CE font as the lyrics font, obtainable free on the www, and to show the dotted slurs, you'll need the dotslur2 font (my own font, emailed to you on request) as user1 font (12pt). S and A staves are collapsed for first 4 bars to allow score to fit on 1 page.
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