Die Sommernacht (Version 1) D289

d289_die_sommernacht_1.nwcDecember 20213.64 kB00:02:38
Composer:Schubert, Franz (1797-1828), Austrian
Lyricist:Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock
First Line:Wenn der Schimmer von dem Monde
Genre:Schubert Leider
Instruments:Voice (Flute), Piano
Submitter:Woodroffe, Richard
Email:richard.woodroffe (e-mail)
The summer night
The score is incorrect at bar 6 - This is one way of interpreting it.
Another way can be found in version 2 of D289 from the Scriptorium, which although different in a few small places, also has the same issues in bar 6.