Piano Concerto in F - Third Movement

darbypcf_3.nwcJuly 200745.89 kB00:10:00
Composer:Darby, Bob (1947- ), English
Instruments:Piano & Orchestra
Submitter:Darby, Bob
Email:bob (e-mail)
Ziptitle:Piano Concerto in F
The final movement, in rondo form starts off with a molto peasante theme on the piano which is altenated with a less rumbustuous section presented in various colours with the orchestra, there is a calmer middle section in the middle of which, like the eye of the storm, is a passage of positive tranquility, but the storm returns to end in a fortissimo tutti.
This, along with much of my other music has been run through Edirol Orchestral HQ sofware synthesizer to give sounds as close as possible to the actual instruments in the score, it can be heard as a wma file at www.per-nefer.net/bob_music.htm.