Suite: Scenes from Middle Earth - The Grey Havens

dargrey.nwcFebruary 20062.93 kB00:05:11
Composer:Darby, Bob (1947- ), English
Instruments:Two Flutes, Horn, Vibraphone
Submitter:Darby, Bob
Email:per_nefer (e-mail)
Ziptitle:Suite: Scenes from Middle Earth
Lapping water is the motif that runs from the beginning to the end of this
movement, starting in the key of C and repeated through each rising chromatic
sequence until it returns to its home key. In between there is the suggestion of
the comings and goings of great ships, until the last disappears into the west
leaving the lapping theme itself to fade away - harbinger of the end of the third age and silently heralding in the fourth, the age of men.