Suite: Scenes from Middle Earth - Laurelin

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Composer:Darby, Bob (1947- ), English
Instruments:Two Flutes, Horn, Vibraphone
Submitter:Darby, Bob
Email:per_nefer (e-mail)
Ziptitle:Suite: Scenes from Middle Earth
3. Laurelin (7m 23s)
This is the ancient name for the realm of Lothlorien - a place of magic and very
shortly after the fellowship dares to enter its terrain, they are confronted by a band of well-armed elves who have appeared, seemingly from nowhere. The tentative nature of the place is reflected in the music by a series of interacting short themes that recur in various ways but with a very flimsy structural framework. There is a more defined structure for the middle section, which is representative of the governance of the King and Queen, Celeborn and Galadriel, elves whose recollections go back to the very earliest era of earth's history. The outer section recapitulates, to be brought to an abrupt end, as the fellowship re-enter the harsh realities of the real world.