Suite: Scenes from Middle Earth - Minas Tirith

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Composer:Darby, Bob (1947- ), English
Instruments:Two Flutes, Horn, Vibraphone
Submitter:Darby, Bob
Email:per_nefer (e-mail)
Ziptitle:Suite: Scenes from Middle Earth
The mighty city and capital of what remains of the realm of Gondor is described
in the book as being built on seven ascending levels on a colossal promontory at
the east end of the Anorien mountain range. The movement opens with a strident
rising figure in unison on all instruments to represent the structure - a motif that is repeated throughout the piece. But unlike the ancient capital, Osgiliath - brought to ruin by the forces of Sauron - Gondor is a living city; a city preparing for war. A motif designating diverse activity is soon overtaken by a military march representing the mustering of troops for the forthcoming battle. The movement lends with a forceful and majestic restatement of the city theme in celebration of its victory over the enemy.