Piano Sonata No 4 in Eb - 1st Movement 2007

darps4_z.zipOctober 200727.34 kB00:23:34
  • 1st Movement 200700:08:52
  • 2nd Movement 200700:06:22
  • 3rd Movement 200700:08:21
Composer:Darby, Bob (1947- ), English
Submitter:Darby, Bob
Email:bob (e-mail)
The first movement, in classical sonata form, is in 5/4 time and make much use of the Lydian mode (which sounds like a piano scale starting on F and playing only white keys.) The second comprises a set of variations on a theme, "Ey Ich Sach in dem Trone" by Heinrich "Frauenlob" von Meissen, a 13th century minnesinger (German version of the Troubadour and predecessor of the Meistersinger). The final movement - like the first, in sonata form and employing Lydian mode - is rumbustious, even slapstick, and is technically very demanding.