Dieu ! Qu'il la fait bon regarder (1898)

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Composer:Debussy, Claude Achille (1862-1918), French
Lyricist:Charles d'ORLEANS (1394-1465)
First Line:Dieu ! Qu'il la fait bon regarder, la gracieuse bonne et belle.
Instruments:SATB a cappella
Submitter:Guix, Joseph
Email:jguix (e-mail)
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English translation:
God, what a vision she is;
one imbued with grace, true and beautiful!
For all the virtues that are hers
everyone is quick to praise her.
Who could tire of her?
Her beauty constantly renews itself;
On neither side of the ocean
do I know any girl or woman
who is in all virtues so perfect;
it's a dream even to think of her;
God, what a vision she is.