Yver ! vous n'estes qu'un villain (1898)

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Composer:Debussy, Claude Achille (1862-1918), French
Lyricist:Charles d'ORLEANS (1394-1465)
First Line:Yver ! vous n'estes qu'un villain
Instruments:SATB a cappella
Submitter:Guix, Joseph
Email:jguix (e-mail)
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English translation:
Winter, you're naught but a rogue.
Summer is pleasant and kind,
as we see from May and April,
which accompany it evening and morn.
Summer, by nature's order, clothes fields, woods and flowers
with its livery of green
and many other hues.
But you, Winter, are too full
of snow, wind, rain and sleet.
We must send you into exile.
I'm no flatterer and I speak my mind.
Winter, you're naught but a rogue.