My Ain Countree

diack_in_scot.nwcMay 202119.84 kB00:11:17
Composer:Diack, John Michael (1869 - 1947), Scottish
First Line:As I cam' doun the Berwick Law
Genre:Choral Fantasia
Instruments:SATB, Piano
Submitter:Woodroffe, Richard
Email:richard.woodroffe (e-mail)
A Choral fantasia of :
The Barren Rocks O' Aden, A man's a man for a' that (Burns), The White Cockade, My Love she's but a lassie yet (Hogg)
The Queen's Maries, Ye Banks and Braes (Burns), The Piper O' Dundee, The Soldier's Joy, Nut Brown Maiden
Written mainly in the Scottish Brogue - so if you don't understand the English, that's because it's pseudo Scottish.