Dios Te Bendiga (God Bless You)

diazdios.nwcJune 200112.54 kB00:03:48
Composer:Diaz, Louis D. (1940-), US
Genre:Salsa folk ethnic
Instruments:Piano, Clave/Wood Block, Muted Trumpets, String Ensemble, Conga, Timbal, Agogo Cowbells, Traps, Guiro, Bass, Big Cowbell, Baritone Saxes, Trombone, Piccolo, Marimba
Submitter:Diaz, Louis D
Email:vze4p857 (e-mail)
The work ("Dios Te Bendiga") was originally dreamt in 1968 when I woke up with this feverish need to write it down.
It was originally called "Con Mi Montuno". The closest tranlation to this is "With My Mountainous Rhythm".
Since I don't feel that I composed it, in the material sense, the honor should go to GOD and/or His SON.