Recordans de my Segnora

dprec.nwcJuly 20042.01 kB00:01:20
Composer:DesPres, Josquin (circa 1440-1521), Flemish
Instruments:flute, recorder, choir aahs, synthetic voice
Submitter:Arrowsmith, Geoff
Email:moanerleaser (e-mail)
Arranger:(this is just a transcription)
This is a double canon. I've transcribed it as per my score for it, then repeated it an octave higher. The reasons are that it's short, and it's easier to follow the two lower voices (with the midi sound) when it's played an octave higher than published. On my old vinyl with Joshua Rifkin, Rifkin also repeats the canon an octave higher than the first presentation. It's been suggested there were probably originally words to this piece, but the words have been lost.