The Music Makers (1912)

elg_musmak.nwcNovember 201296.95 kB00:37:10
Composer:Elgar, Edward William (1857-1934), English
Lyricist:Arthur O'Shaughnessy
First Line:"We are the music makers,"
Instruments:arranged for SATB Chorus (piccolo, clarinet, French horn, bassoon) plus Contralto soloist
Submitter:Hooper, John
Email:john (e-mail)
The Work is in one single continuous movement, not divided into separate sections.
There are no text/lyrics; the File was generated purely for Choral Rehearsing purposes (using a published piano-reduction Score), and so doesn't look pretty even though it should sound reasonable (though that depends very much on your hardware/software; mine is a Soundblaster AWE64 Gold).
I am indebted to Michael Gibson ( ), who lent me his Noteworthy2 Files to work from. I am conscious, however, that in preparing my "Choral Rehearsal" NWC 1.75 version I didn't clean it up terribly well - it's full of text that I don't care about, and other hangovers from Mike's NWC2 version (including lots of stuff intended to represent characters from a different font) ... but none of that matters when it's the sound that counts! Don't blame Mike; if it looks a mess, that's my fault!
My Website (above) also contains Midi Files for several rather more modern Composers, for which NWC versions may be available.