Prélude, Aria et Finale (1887-1888)

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Composer:Franck, César (1822-1890), Belgian
Instruments:piano solo
Submitter:Hicks, Grant
Email:ghicks02 (e-mail)
This is Franck's last work for piano and one of his last works overall. It was written in the years 1887-1888,
overlapping work on the Symphony in d minor, and shows all the features of Franck's mature style, particularly
chromatic harmony characterized by semitone displacements, a melodic style that creates long phrases by
combining and varying short motivic fragments, and an individual and often innovative approach to traditional
musical forms. Like Franck's other major works it is cyclic, attempting to achieve unity through the dramatic
recall of themes and the derivation of multiple themes from a common source. In this respect, as well as in its
pianistic style generally, the Prélude, Aria and Finale reflects the enormous influence of Franz Lizst on Franck's
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