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Composer:Hamilton, Jay (1951 - ), American
Genre:small ensemble
Instruments:mostly instruments of my own design and build contrabass, marimba, harp-like, metalophone-like, koto
Submitter:Hamilton, Jay
Email:jay (e-mail)
Just intoned (I believe that Fred Nachbaur has a bit of software that can transform this correctly)the tuning is not simply described in terms of just intonation ratios as it uses not one, but two distinct tonal centers to derive its pitches.
-1- 1/1 230.9 cps= A#(Bb)
-2- 9/8 259.8cps = C
-3- 6/5 27731cps= C# (Db)
-4- 4/3 307.9cps = D#(Eb)
-5- 45/33 324.7cps = E
-6- 3/2 346.4cps = F
-7- 27/16 389.7cps = G
-8- 15/8 433.1cps = A
Obviously these are not chromatic scales and no exact transpositions are available. however, both of the tunings allow for a number of distinct tonal centers & most of the music composed for the instruments so far use smaller, modal subsets of the available pitches. Notation is usually written in cipher/numerical notation, similar to that used by North American Gamelans. If you need more information on what that is some of it is available on the internet and/or contact me and I can try to clarify.
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