Aviv Gelman's Private Collection, Vol. 1

gelman-1.zipSeptember 200346.87 kB00:44:23
  • Blue Bells Of Scotland, Pryor00:04:30
  • Brass Polka00:01:24
  • Brass Quintet No. 200:01:16
  • Cakewalk Contest, Pryor00:01:08
  • Concert Etude for Bb Trombone or C Trumpet & Piano Goedicke00:03:32
  • Concerto No. 1 in D major for Horn and Orchestra [K.412], Mozart00:05:23
  • Csardas, Monti00:03:08
  • Largo and Allegro, Tartini00:02:04
  • Liebesleid, Kreisler00:03:00
  • Madrigal, Granados00:03:36
  • Saxophone study 1:on a blues scale, Webber00:00:49
  • Sonata I for Cello and Piano Vivaldi00:05:45
  • Sonata in F minor for Piano and Trombone, Telemann00:00:34
  • Teddy Trombone00:01:56
  • Trombone With Piano Accompaniment00:01:17
  • Trombone With Piano Accompaniment 200:02:10
  • Variation on "The Carnival of Venice", Arban00:02:58
Composer:Gelman, Aviv (1983-), Israeli
Submitter:Gelman, Aviv
Email:aviv27 (e-mail)
Joseph Jean Beptiste Laurent Arban - Variations on "The Carnival of Venice"
Aviv Gelman - Brass Polka
Aviv Gelman - Brass Quintet No. 2
Aviv Gelman - Trombone and Piano Sonata No. 1
Aviv Gelman - Trombone and Piano Sonata No. 2
Alexander Goedicke - Concert Etude, Op. 49
Enrico Granados - Madrigal
Fritz Kreisler - Liebesleid
Vittorio Monti - Csardas
W. A. Mozart - Horn Concerto No. 1 (horn part only)
Arthur Pryor - Blue Bells of Scotland
Arthur Pryor - Cakewalk Contest
Guiseppe Tartini - Largo and Allegro
Georg Philipp Telemann - Sonata in F minor for Trombone
Unknown - Teddy Trombone
Antonio Vivaldo - Sonata 1 for Cello and Piano
David Webber - Saxophone Etude