Intermedio of La boda de Luis Alonso, zarzuela (1897)

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Composer:Gimenez [Giménez], Gerónimo (1854-1923), Spanish
Genre:classical (zarzuela: Spanish light opera)
Instruments:full symphonic orchestra
Submitter:Box, Ramón Pajares
Email:rpajares (e-mail)
Following the success of his 1896 zarzuela 'El baile de Luis Alonso' (Luis Alonso's dance), of which the orchestral Intermedio was the most beloved part, Giménez presented the next year of 1897 a follow-up with the name of 'La boda de Luis Alonso' (Luis Alonso's wedding) and the Intermedio of this new zarzuela was again its most famed part and became one the most popular zarzuela excerpt of all times.