Canadian Paella (Op.1)

gorecanp.nwcMay 20022.66 kB00:02:27
Composer:Gore, Jim (1956 - ), Canadian
Instruments:Vibraphone, strings (violin, cello, double bass)
Submitter:Gore, Jim
Email:jag (e-mail)
The name "Canadian Paella" comes from the fact that I'm Canadian
and, in it's original incarnation (Jan.2002) as a piece for solo bass
guitar, it sounded somewhat Spanish to me. Upon my discovering Noteworthy
and midi it underwent rather extensive alterations (improvements, I hope,
but anything Spanish has disappeared) and it has been pointed out to me
that the Spanish don't normally use minor keys. Nevertheless, the name
This piece relies on rhythm and the interplay between instruments
to hold the listener's attention, rather than melody.
There's been some discussion regarding the use of grace notes in
pizzicato string sections, though it apparently can work. As I play bass
guitar and have no experience with orchestral music I didn't realize this
was unusual.
Any comments/criticisms would be greatly appreciated. It's only
Opus #1 and there's a lot of learning to be done.