Chaconne in A minor (A short chaconne for tall zombies)

gotzom.nwcAugust 20132.17 kB00:03:21
Composer:Gotch, David W. (1953 - ), American
Instruments:Organ or Pedal Harpsichord
Submitter:Gotch, David W
Email:d.gotch (e-mail)
This work is NOT to performed without my express permission.
NO exceptions.
I earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees in music performance and
pedagogy (double major in organ and harpsichord) from Arizona State
After serving as a church musician in Phoenix, Arizona from 1974 to
2010, I am presently serving as senior pianist/accompanist/organist at St. Paul's
UMC in Abilene, Texas.
In 2002, I met and married (after dating for only 12 days) my dear wife
Brenda who has two children from a previous marriage. While we have no children of
our own, we definitely consider our two dogs and two parakeets to be our children.
My hobbies include musical composition, watching classic movies and television shows,
playing computer-based board games, linguistics, architectural studies, and mathematics,
especially combinatorial.