"Pago Pago"

grahamvi-pagopago.nwcAugust 19991.58 kB00:02:03
Composer:Graham, Barry (20thC), Australian
Instruments:various synth patches
Submitter:Graham, Barry
Email:bargrah (e-mail)
Ziptitle:Six Easy Pieces
These pieces created using "Auto Composer." They are all pretty close to the original midi produced by the software. A few deleted bars, the occasional cadence and a few shifts of note range but otherwise basically raw AC.
Miles Davis, re-incarnated, returns from a celestial South American tour with a Peruvian, pan-flute section to record this piece originating high in the Andes.
Kenny Gee lays down the Soprano and takes up the Alto sax for this romping tribute to Richie Cunningham, Arnold's and the happy days of bubblegum pop. (This is so good I'm making it my theme).
In a mist-shrouded temple on the remote coast of Honshu, surrounded by weathered timber and tarnished brass gongs the temple orchestra plays a prayer to earth, wind and rain.
As the curtain closes on Act 1 at Sadler's Wells a small group drawn from the pit orchestra plays this little interlude while the stage hands change the scene.
As the sun sets over gently swaying palms and golden beaches the Pago Pago Pacific Paradise Players perform in a grass-thatched restaurant to the rich aroma of toasting coconut and roasting breadfruit.
A refugee Soviet pianist escaping from the poverty of Yeltsen's Russia plays this lament to the "good" old days.