Was Gott tut das ist wohlgetan (GWV 1114/43), 1st movement

graup_gwv1114.nwcNovember 20204 kB00:01:37
Composer:Graupner, Christoph (1683-1760), German
Lyricist:Samuel Rodigast
First Line:Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan! Er ist mein Licht und Leben
Genre:Vocal, sacred
Instruments:Oboe ad lib, Violin 1/2, viola, SATB choir and BC
Submitter:Forestier, Yann
Email:yannforestier (e-mail)
Graupner wrote over 1400 church cantatas ; 4 of them begin with the chorale 'was Gott tut". This cantata is the last one he wrote, in 1743.