Führ uns Herr in Versuchung nicht, GWV 1150/16

graup_gwv1150.nwcNovember 20205.59 kB00:01:44
Composer:Graupner, Christoph (1683-1760), German
Lyricist:Martin Luther (chorale melody) and Christa/in Lehms
First Line:und wenn die Welt voll Teufel wär
Genre:vocal, sacred
Instruments:Oboes 1/2 (doubling soprano), Violin 1/2, viola, SATB choir and BC
Submitter:Forestier, Yann
Email:yannforestier (e-mail)
"ein feste Burg" is arguably the most well-known chorale melody written by Martin Luther.
Here's one interesting setting by Graupner, the sopranos sing the melody while the lower voices sing a complex counterpoint, shooing away the devil rather casually : "pfui, Teufel!".