Recitativo and Aria from Rinaldo "Laß mich mit Tränen"

hanlass.nwcSeptember 20033.76 kB00:02:33
Composer:Handel, George Friederic (1685-1759), German
First Line:"Laß mich mit Tränen"
Genre:Classical (Baroque)
Instruments:Voice, Harpsicord
Submitter:iNANC [iNANÇ], Ertugrul
Email:ertugrulinanc (e-mail)
One of the best pieces -imo- that examples classical tonality, as well as Händel's "Rococo" world of lively melody and dynamic harmony.
Intended for both printing (on A4 paper) and playback (as well as midi export). Requires Boxmarks2 and Crescendo. (NWCV15 should already be installed, naturally.)
This NoteWorthy file uses non standard fonts. These can be obtained as follows:
Boxmark2 - Scriptorium download at
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