Miss Hoolihan's Christmas Cake

hoolchris.nwcJanuary 20104.28 kB00:03:23
Composer:Horn, Charles Frank (1851 - 1928), American
Lyricist:Horn, Charles Frank (1851 - 1928), American
First Line:I sat by me win-der one evening
Genre:Irish song / Christmas
Instruments:Piano, Piccalo, Voice
Submitter:Woodroffe, Richard
Email:richard.woodroffe (e-mail)
Arranger:Richard Woodroffe
This song is known as either Miss Hoolihan's Christmas Cake, Miss Hooligan's Christmas cake or Miss Fogarty's Christmas cake depending on where you get it. My copy of the music was downloaded from the American Congress library where it is the Fogarty version but I have changed the lyrics to the Hoolihan version because they fit the music so much better. I have also added a piccolo part since most jaunty Irish songs beg for a flute but when I finished writing out the part, I found that it was closer to the piccolo range rather than the flute. A few more adjustments and here we are.
Hope you enjoy it.