Trumpet Concerto in Eb Major

humtpt2.zipSeptember 200349.63 kB00:17:16
  • II Andante & III Rondo00:07:43
  • I Allegro00:09:36
Composer:Hummel, Johann Nepomuk (1778-1837), Austrian
Instruments:Violins, Viola, Cello, Contrabass, Oboe/Clarinette, Bassoon Horns.
Submitter:Saarela, Timo
Email:as.ts (e-mail)
Arranger:Saarela, Timo (b. 4 January, 1940, Finland)
Here is A Trumpet Concerto by Johan Nepomuk Hummel (Allegro, Andante, Rondo).
I wrote it first of all as a training piece for trumpet. If one closes the first staff, it is great help for practice. Otherwise, I did not try to make a completely correct orchestration, but rather as a soloist hears before the orchestra, as I remember.