Prelude from Original music for "Bir Gül Koþusu" (an original stage play)

i_prelu.zipAugust 200312.22 kB00:02:51
  • PRELÜD; Darb-ý Fetih00:02:08
  • Prelude00:00:16
  • Prelüd -Turkish Theme -Part II00:00:28
Composer:iNANC [iNANÇ], Ertugrul (1976- ), Turkish
Genre:Classical Turkish
Submitter:iNANC [iNANÇ], Ertugrul
Email:ertugrulinanc (e-mail)
This package consists of following components:
* Iraq02.dat
(Harmonic Analyser data file used for tempering.)
* 001.prel.mid
(Midi file of the song tempered using Midi Temper.)
* 001.prel.nwc, prel_02.nwc, prel_fin.nwc
(the three score components using NoteWorthy Composer TM.)
*: Files of Times New Roman unicode font - see fonts section in NWC Scriptorium
(In order to view the lyrics and other text data such as composer names etc. in correct form,
you may copy them into your Windows\Fonts folder. You will not lose anything but do backup your
original fonts in case of any unpredicted evidence).
While the score is supplied for study, it is recommended that the tempered midi file be used for listening in order to hear the piece as intended.
This NoteWorthy file uses a non standard font. This can be obtained as follows:
Crescendo - Scriptorium download at