Into Silence

intosilence.nwcNovember 20123.82 kB00:10:00
Composer:Hamilton, Jay (1951 - ), American
Genre:cello and ?
Instruments:cello and choices abound
Submitter:Hamilton, Jay
Email:info (e-mail)
Performed in a 1/4 mile long pedestrian tunnel Winter Solstice 2011 there was a "station" to go to after each section was played and the audience moved along with the musician. The piece ended at the Eastern end of the tuned as the sun rose (except it was typically overcast). The reverb in the tunnel is about 2 seconds long. I originally composed it with the tunnels fundamental in mind but had not reckoned with the fact that once there were lots of people in attendance it would change so I had to alter my playing on the run to accommodate the change.)
time - 10 in score but in performance about 30 minutes