Jats 1-10; Suite for alternating instruments, 9/2005

jats.zipOctober 200530.68 kB00:32:04
  • jat-10: suite for alternating instruments00:03:20
  • jat-1; suite for alternating instruments00:01:07
  • jat-2: suite for alternating instruments00:02:27
  • jat-3; suite for alternating instruments00:02:29
  • jat-4; suite for alternating instruments00:02:07
  • jat-5; suite for alternating instruments00:02:02
  • jat-6; suite for alternating instruments00:04:22
  • jat-7; suite for alternating instruments00:04:12
  • jat-8: suite for alternating instruments00:06:19
  • jat-9: suite for alternating instruments00:03:42
Composer:Hamilton, Jay (1951 - ), American
Genre:extreme Ivesian polyphony (I think)
Instruments:Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Xylophone, Piano, Trombone, Cello
Submitter:Hamilton, Jay
Email:info (e-mail)
Jats 1; solo flute, Jats 2; solo piano (one handed probably ), Jats 3; solo violin, Jats 4; solo clarinet, Jats 5; solo xylophone, Jats 6 violin and xylophone duet, Jats 7; clarinet, violin and trombone trio, Jats 8; violin, clarinet, piano and cello quartet, Jats 9; clarinet, violin, piano, trombone and cello quintet, Jats 10; flute, clarinet, violin, xylophone, pinao (two hands), trombone, and cello septet.
These 'movements' can be played in any order with the exception of Jats 10 which should be played as the 'finale'. It is not necessary to play all the movements for any performance, discretion is left to the ensemble how to assemble the order and which ones are to be omitted.
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