Missa Defunctorum (Requiem) (1756)

jomm_missa_dcrvz.zipApril 202391.36 kB00:47:37
  • 25: Libera me00:02:18
  • 26: Quando caeli00:00:47
  • 26: Quando caeli00:00:47
  • 27: Dum veneris00:01:00
  • 28: Tremens00:01:01
  • 2: Te decet hymnus00:00:38
  • 30+ Dies illa00:01:07
  • 31: Dum veneris00:01:30
  • Agnus Dei00:02:46
  • Anhang - I: Te decet00:01:50
  • Anhang - II: In memoria aeterna00:02:37
  • Benedictus00:02:59
  • Communio00:03:08
  • Dies irae00:03:37
  • Hostias00:02:45
  • Introitus00:02:12
  • Kyrie00:02:58
  • Offertorium00:02:27
  • Pie Jesu00:01:40
  • Salva me00:06:51
  • Sanctus00:02:39
Composer:Jommelli, Niccolo (1714 - 1774), Italian
Genre:Religeous Mass
Instruments:arranged for SATB (piccolo, clarinet, French horn, bassoon)
Submitter:Hooper, John
Email:john (e-mail)
The ZIP File contains the following NAMED sections:-
1a-Introitus.nwc Introitus
Requiem aeternam
2=Te-decet.nwc 2: Te decet hymnus
1a-Introitus.nwc 3: Requiem aeternam repetatur
1b-Kyrie.nwc Kyrie
2a-Dies-irae.nwc Sequentia
Dies irae
2b-Salva-me.nwc 8: Salva me
9: Oro supplex
2c-PieJesu.nwc 10: Pie Jesu
3a-Offertorium.nwc Offertorium
11: Domine Jesu
12: Libera eas
13: Quam olim Abrahae
3b-Hostias.nwc 14: Hostias
15: Quam olim Abrahae repetatur
4a-Sanctus.nwc Sanctus
16: Sanctus
17: Hosanna
4b-Benedictus.nwc 18: Benedictus
19: Hosanna repetatur
5-AgnusDei.nwc Agnus Dei
20: Agnus Dei
21: Dona eis requiem
6-Communio.nwc Communio
22: Lux aeterna
23: Requiem aeternam
24: Cum sanctus tuis
25+Libera-me.nwc Responsorium
25: Libera me
26+Quando caeli.nwc 26: Quando caeli
27+Dum-veneris.nwc 27: Dum veneris
28+Tremens.nwc 28: Tremens
26+Quando caeli.nwc 29: Quando caeli repetatur
30+Dies-illa.nwc 30: Dies illa
31+Dum-veneris.nwc 31: Dum veneris
There are no text/lyrics; each File was generated purely for Choral Rehearsing purposes (using a published piano-reduction Score), and so doesn't look pretty even though it should sound reasonable (though that depends very much on your hardware/software; mine is a Soundblaster AWE64 Gold).
Voice-emphasised Midi Files of the whole work can be downloaded for free from my Website (above). My Website also contains Midi Files for several rather more modern Composers, for which NWC versions may be available.
My thanks to Wim Looyestijn ( https://www.cpdl.org/wiki/index.php/User:Wim_Looyestijn ), whose MusicXML Files I borrowed.
There is an excellent performance of this Work by Schola Gregoriana Ghislieri under Renato Cadel on YouTube starting at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8ta2SF63Ik .