Cantata No. 4, Christ lag in Todesbanden

jsbcant4.zipFebruary 200752.65 kB00:17:31
  • Sinfonia00:00:37
  • Versus I00:04:14
  • Versus II00:02:30
  • Versus III00:02:34
  • Versus IV00:02:42
  • Versus V00:02:23
  • Versus VI00:01:37
  • Versus VII00:00:55
Composer:Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750), German
Lyricist:Martin Luther
First Line:None
Genre:Classical: Baroque, Cantata
Instruments:Violin I, Violin II, Viola I Viola II, Continuo
Submitter:Jennings, James R
Email:jennings_jr (e-mail)
7 movements in the complete work, and was sequenced by J. R. Jennings in 2006. The continuo realization is by J. R. Jennings, copyright 2006, and is found on staves named "Continuo realization Ia", "Continuo realization Ib", and/or "Continuo realization II". While cantata No. 4 was probably composed between 1708 and 1724, individual movements may have been composed in various different years.