leon.nwcAugust 19992.61 kB00:03:09
Composer:Graham, Barry (20thC), Australian
Instruments:string ensemble
Submitter:Graham, Barry
Email:bargrah (e-mail)
Carl brought up the subject of Joseph Schillinger and his influence over Gershwin so I thought I would apply Schillinger's techniques in the production of this opus.
It consists of a number of variation of a theme so you really need to listen right through to the end to hear the final exposition!
It was completed early this morning just before the Leonid meteor shower passed through the constellation of Leo which down here in Australia was to our north. So I called it LEON in honour of that rare event. (Almost as rare as me composing anything). Unfortunately Melbourne's weather lived up to it's reputation and produced 100% cloud cover so I missed the display.