Lir-3 The test

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Composer:Hamilton, Jay (1951 - ), American
Lyricist:Jay Hamilton
First Line:My father was of the sky
Genre:Song Cycle
Instruments:Piano, Baritone, 1 to 3 Sopranos
Submitter:Hamilton, Jay
Email:info (e-mail)
Over the years I have sent vocal works to the scriptorum and Richard has often remarked that the bass/baritone parts weren't 'important' enough - as that was his voice. Upon discovering an early version of Lir (Lear) in La(z)yamon (1200's) that differed from Shakespeare's I wrote this with Richard in mind.
Setting; Piano to one side of stage
Left of centerstage 3 chairs with high backs as thrones.
Right of centerstage Lir's 'throne' is a stool,
Soprano (if only one used) changes chairs as she changes roles,
Lir when he is a husband sits to the left of the Daughter on a throne.
(Therefore Lir sings husband's parts too. Just as it is practical to have 1 soprano sing all the different daughter parts.)
Lastly in performance the 'instrumental' bits could be left out.
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