Into the Dungeons Overture, 2007

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Composer:Long, Matthew (1994 - ), American
Instruments:Alto Saxophone, Coronet, Flute, Trombone, Tuba, Snare Drum, and Base Drum
Submitter:Long, Matthew
Email:long (e-mail)
Into the Dungeon written by Matthew Long is a musical arrangement
portraying the feelings of a man locked in a dungeon. At first he has just
been put into the dungeon, and he keeps angrily banging on the walls until
he realizes it's useless, and calms down. Then a guard comes in to tell him
of his execution in 3 days. At which point he becomes frightened and starts
banging on the walls again. He then schemes to escape. He finally succeeds
in escaping and makes it to safety.