Small Compensation (c2001)

lyonsc.nwcAugust 20012.58 kB00:03:46
Composer:Lyon, Bradford Franklin (1963-), USA
Lyricist:Franklin Lyon
First Line:Under the pillows the morning breaks through,a moment is gone before I even knew
Genre:not sure - alternative folk? rock?
Instruments:music box, StdFx echoes, BladeRunner synth soundfont (replace with anything electronic that sounds good as bass)
Submitter:Lyon, Bradford Franklin
Email:franklinlyon (e-mail)
Arranger:Lyon, Bradford Franklin USA
On the newsgroup, we have a "Songwriting Challenge" every now and then. We agree on a title, and then everyone writes a song with that as a title. In this case, the title was "Small Compensation". My take on the song was kind of nihilistic.