melange.zipJuly 200220.02 kB00:15:30
  • I, 197900:02:14
  • II, 197900:02:03
  • III; Lilt, 197900:02:27
  • IV; with much space between notes, 197900:01:10
  • IX- Orelob-Manchabiso, 198200:04:33
  • V; Struggling Waltz, 197900:00:41
  • VI, Liltingly, 197900:01:00
  • VII, Melic00:01:24
Composer:Hamilton, Jay (1951 - ), American
Submitter:Hamilton, Jay
Email:jay (e-mail)
First of about 8 small chamber mixed ensemble pieces created to use invented instruments with traditional instruments 1-7 are from 1979 there is a version for cello, violin, flute, piano, guitar available but basically all I did was divide the piano part into cello and violin.I can't really believe anymore that this should be this slow- however my first notes are that this movement is supposed to last 2'20" so here it is. Now in these faster times I suspect something less than 1'30" will be more acceptable.
This was written for instruments that I have invented [Ycrix= zither, Dragon= bowed lute] and is played [by me] in a just intoned system which is difficult to impossible to do in MIDI. If you are interested contact me and I'll give you the alterations neccessary in Cents to make it sound 'my' way.
Oh and yes once again there is no VIII- however it is only because the gap between the 1-7 set and #9 I forgot how many sections there were and was taking no chances- sort of.
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