Mo ghile mear

moghile.nwcMarch 20172.62 kB00:02:35
Composer:Traditional Irish
Instruments:arranged for ensemble
Submitter:Spagni, Maurizio
Email:flurmy (e-mail)
A few words on Mo ghile mear:
I heard a version in the dialect of my city sung by my friend, the sister of Luciano Ligabue
She recorded a CD as a divertissement and got the help of other friends, all professional
musicians, many from the Modena City Ramblers.
In special mode the percussions are really gorgeous.
The CD is good, but when I heard my friends playing it live at a busker festival it was a
thrilling experience. Even more since they asked me to join them on flute.
My transcription here of Mo ghile mear is light years away, completely different. Much more
soft, without the drive of the percussions. Too hard to reproduce that sound.
After having heard my daughter playing some of her compositions the drummer, a friend of
mine, told her: when you have some more of your pieces let me know that I'll add the
percussions and we'll record them. Wow!
It was a bit early, but now my daughter is getting more mature and I like a lot her
compositions (with a little help from her friends... and father :-)
Maybe I'll submit something to the Scripto. :-)